Sunday, January 30, 2011


alhamdulillallah... ape yg aku wish last year dapat dah...

My HP G42 lappy

my Blackberry Curve 8250

syukur sume dont cost so much.
insyallah kalau ade rezeki aku nak bli camera palk... the thing yang aku wish sangat.
tapi tengah pikir should i buy Digicam or DSLR cam.
not sure yet because i need to buy DSLR so that my adik boleh pakai. Sebab she taking photograpy club kat sekolah die. so tak la useless sgt,atleast ade photograper kat umh kami... hehehe and model nye aku la sape lagi.
ye la sape lagi nak jadi bahan experiment kan...
tapi high cost.... no its ok. aku kene support adik.
sape lagi kalau takk her onw blood sucker... haha even suck but still in a phat family..
insyallah la,tapi taktau bile...

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Friday, January 7, 2011


Sorry my dear blog, lame tak update. I’ve been busy this a few months.
Lagi pon hehehe laptop jahanam. The only way to update is through cc.x bape nak rajin g.
Alamak u know la whats the feel to go to cc when we already comfort online at home.

Seriously I felt like an idiot. Time study dlu, cc la tempat pujaan atiku…
What ever like to update, even bende ni akan buat sume org marah. Tapi I’ve realize my happiness is with him. Although he wif somebody else rite now.

Mmg la sedih,tapi this is I wanted to. So kene la redha.
Rite now, baru baik but not back together. Actually I don’t what does he felt towards me.
And I don’t even ask. In fact, I’m scared the word might hurt me. So it is better to flow slowly, softly like this.

What is good is his son still sayang wif me… hehehehe
Even his families still have a good expression to me. Last a few days I went out for dinner wif Anda while watched bola AFF Mal vs Ind at Mc Donald.
Of course he was there also.
It is a good starter for me to get back wif him.
And actually I really missed Anda. I take care of him since he was 2 till I brake off last year. Now he’s already 6.

So this year I wish my life will be happier then before. I hope Anda akan sayang kat aku. Between he n I just let Allah decide what the best for us.

This Saturday I’m planning to go to Times Square theme park having fun together wif Anda. Hopefully everything will be ok.

This is Anda before off to kindergarten.

Will update the activities later…

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