Friday, July 30, 2010

Ape yg aku rase skang...

Didadaku ada kamu...
Ape yg aku tgh fikir sekarang ni pon aku xtau..
Sebab aku x penah rase cmni b4...
Kekadang macam angau pon ade gak...
Terasa macam teenage girl yg fall in love..

Each time thinking bout him my heart beating fast.
But he didnt know that i like him..
I cant say it to him cause aku x ready to lose him at the moment.
Yelah when i confess sure friendship kitorang akn jadi awkward.
I got some good n bad advice for confession.

So actually rily miss him.tapi kene tahan je...
So i say it in here... :-(
Tak nak too expose. Segan ngan kawan².
At the moment there's only 1 fren dat know everything.
All the happy n sadness.

Aku tak sangka aku jumpe org yg matching with wat i wish..
But maybe im not the 1 that wat he wish.
That is y,he try to ignore wat ever hint dat i gave.
Takpe happy to love him from afar.
Im happy know...

I wish he knew..and didnt turn me down...
Harap doa ku dimakbulkan...


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Now im fine

At last a bit relief after heard the sound of Mr. S
For the last 3 days he didnt reply my txt.
curiosity to the max impact.
Yeah he's not feeling well.
I tot his cough getting worst.

Or i had miss-word that hurt his feeling...
Rupanya he went back to hometown. ade relative yang passed away.
He take EL for 2 days...
I juz knew it.
I was discussing about him with my cs, then suddenly he txt me...
That's the way i knew that he went back to kampung.

Ok, now im fine...

( " , )

Battery keteku kong

Huh,money...penting nye bile emergency.
Hahahah...tadi all of sudden my car wont start...
Nasib dah smpi somewhere area my house.
Konon la g kedai to buy some sayur because i was planning nak masak padprik.
Oh ye arini aku puase. heheh rajin kan...

Naik je kete put on the key and it wont start.
Macam short-circuit.. and suddenly sume blinking.
Fuel sensor, radio, meter sume blinking.
Power window,central lock pon malfunction.
Panic la ape lagi...1st person to cal... ABAH.

Called abah, nasib la round there ade la workshop which abah kenal the pomen...
Rupe² nye battery kong.
Dah try jumper tapi jalan ade la tiga langkah.
Last² aku park kete then abah g bli battery baru...
Oleh kerana duit x cukup then aku hutang la dlu...
ni pon nak kene change oil filter n minyak itam... waaaaaaaa
abes la duit gaji nxt month.....


Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Weeked

This whole weekend x bape sihat...
All of sudden sore throat and Mr. S got Flu.
When to Clinic last friday took a medi also a cough med for him.
Unfortunately Mr. S meeting until late.
Hilarious things i've done is asking Harun to company me.Promise to wait at Sunway while waiting Mr. S finish meeting.
Then Harun also late... W.T.Fish...Keep on waiting til i fall asleep in a car @ station.Too bad Harun wait for the bus at IOI mall for 1hour to Sunway, sebab terlalu fade up,
then i said 'wait for me to pick u up,i cant wait for this long'
Then i took him too Kelana Mall for have a dinner-while waiting.

Chilling, and its getting late. Then Mr. S txtin me.
Said too tired then asked me not to wait.
He will take later. But i didnt go back,instead i cont chilin wif Harun till late.
The next day when to KL wif Harun.

Need to find some shirt. Decided to take a public transport to Pavi.
Park my car at Kg. Baaru took LRT-Putra to Dang wangi.
Then proceed wif Monorail @ Bkt Nenas to Bkt Bintang...
With the construction at KL Plaza KL is so a mess...
Malaysia public transport isn't something that could be proud off... :-(

Linger around then when into Couch
I stuck on this bag... it just sudden WOW...Tapi nnt la, waiting another...another...another pay cheque.
Yeah month to spore, the next month is Raya.. And the very another 2 month Road expiry date.Huh... got lots things to do wif the $$...
I think i need to find some1 at US to bought it for me.
Coz it cost almost half from here.

Proceed... the When into Sg. Wang cari baju that i wanted.
Dapat then go to The Curve to grab lunch. After linger around when to Sunway.
Lepak n got dinner there...Around 11 swift to Pantai Dalam meet up our frens...
Then leka,huh it's already 2am...OMGucci...
I gtg, need to send Harun back to Puchong then me to Sg buloh...
The result....i woke at 12pm today....

still tiring....

( " , )

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Culture Shock..

People might said I am culture shock.
yes i admit it coz 3 years living like hell in prison.

I knew him when i just started working.
The time that i got my own money but couldn't spend it.
So when i'm free now...
i have so much time n money to pampered myself.

Holiday with friends,buy things i wanted,chilling at fav restaurant.
Is it wrong or is it too late to have fun at this age?
Sometimes I wonder,am i having a conflict between my eager or depress feeling?
What i know i became shopaholic.

I'm trying to meditate myself before i'm getting broke.

Tapi thanks to Allah because I still got friends by my side.
Even majority already tied the knot.

At the moment I'm happy being shopaholic while i dont commit wif any1.
I just waiting a rite time to say...not out loud... but confession part 1
wah macam title lagu usher...
and to all my friend wish me luck.hope feel the same way...

( ", )

Monday, July 19, 2010

Before You Say "I Do"

Just finished watch this movie @ Hallmark Channel.
Touching how the guy struggling to win the Love one.
Wishing be the man before a big mistake happen.went back 10 years before her Love 1 make wrong decision by marrying the wrong person n became phobia wif marriage.

Basically about choosing the rite 1 for us to spend a whole life together.
Why women always make a wrong decision even it's clearly in front of u that he's not meant to be wif us?
After what was happen we treat bad to ourselves.
Make it as a phobia...
Nothing's wrong with LOVE.

We won't miss it until we lose it.
Open up your eyes there's a soul-mate in front of you

There's a time i wish i could turn back the time...but now
I wish can fast forward until i have the courage to say the L word.

There's a word I've learned...
We've got met a few wrong people before meet the rite 1.
So when we found it we know how to appreciates it.
Cherish the love..

( " ,)

Weekend yg ...

Last Sat..aku went out wif Harun g Sunway Piramid.
Aku pickup Harun kat IOI mall.
Then we proceed to Sunway.
Actually aku company Harun to some kind of talk about investment kat Sunway Hotel & Resort.

Hi-tea kat Sunway hotel.Oleh kerana aku teman die then die dapat voucher RM100 at Robinson/mark & spencer.So he gave me rm50.
I got for myself IRIS body & hand lotion & IRIS powder talcum... wangiiiiii
Aku letak kat opis senang skit ade wangi-wangian...

Tapi b4 tu aku n Harun jalan2 la kat Sunway tu.
Tapi nothing much can do sebab 2-2 tgh broke.

Pastu kami hanya mampu lepak kat mamak stall je...
Lame gak la jalan nye jalan tau2 dh malam...
Nasib la tgh AV (anti-visit) so skip solat xpe.

Pastu dlm kol 8pm kot aku kuar dr sunway n lepak somewhere kat area kedai tu.
Pastu tibe² pop-up dr our mind nk g Karaoke.
Huh ade la somewhere round there kedai karaoke 'kotak jamban'
Y i call it that way,sebab kecik mcm jamban dlm film P.Ramlee.
ok la rm10 for 12 songs.
melalak la smpi pengsan,pastu sambung lepak tau² dh kol 12.30am.

Aku pon anta Harun balik kt Puchong then aku straight blk.
Dah lame x have fun sampai lewat camni.
Next plan...Harun gonna take me to MTV World Stage diz 31st May.

( " , )

Thursday, July 15, 2010

In a Rush

It came over me in a rush,
When I realized that I love u so much,
That sometimes i cry,
But i can't tell u why,
Why i feel, what i feel inside..

How i try to express
Whats been troublin' my mind,
But still i can't find the words
But i noe that somethings got a hold of me

Maybe someday I'll find the way to say
Juz what u mean to me
But if that day never comes along
And u dont hear diz song
I guess u'll never noe

And when i say inside
I mean deep
u fill my soul
And that's something I can't explain
Its over me...

~to the man called Mr. S
( *_* )


kejap je monday...
It's time to go back to the chaos KL.:-(Woke up a bite early to siap² sebab nak check-out kol 11am.
Yelah kami kene g Queensbay mall sendiri,jumpa iwan kat sane.
Then he will take us to airport.So after check out kami straight away g Queensbay Mall.
We already booked a cab last dat nyte.
Actually already plan nak tgk moie since day 1 arrived.Aku cakap la ngan iwan ajak tgk tau die pon ske n nk n follow gak cite lagi la i like...
ngam² sampai ngan beg yg berat kami g cari GSC-movie nk bli tiket wayang
dapat la show kol 11.50am tapi kami tggu iwan x dtg². lambat la pulak,sbb die kt driving skool tgh amik lesen GDL.
Review cite ni...
nape minah tu tamak...dh ramai sgt ske kt die- bg je la aku 1 yg xde bf ni...hahahah giler.

Then abes cite dalam kol 1.30 camtu...Kami pon fast walk g cr tempat utk lunch.
Last² decided makan Kenny Rogers... erm sedap nye dh lame x mkn kn...
makan pon laju² mcm nk tercekik mati je...tapi sebab nak kejar mase nk g airport latest 3.3pm
sebab flt kol 5.20pmpastu sempat lgi g jusco jap si iwan gile 2 g membeli belah.
pastu naik kete,then iwan bawak kete macam pelesit la..sebab 3 sunthing dah.
masuk je terus g amik boarding pass then check-in.Nasib sempat solat zohor. tapi flt delay. kol 5.45 baru take off.
x cukup la holiday 3ari tu...

next vacation-Singapore smbl shopping baju raya.
Next year plan nk buat gathering g x propose lagi.
Tapi yg penting me n Nik nak g Kelantan naik train.... huh confirm aku gile jap
macam dlm cite sex n the city tu season V.

( " , )

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Day 2- woke up @ 8.30am.according to iwan die akn pickup kami kol 9.30am.-siap² then wait for him kat lobby.
while waiting, diz is the result:-
kami g Gurney plaza.
Cari barang bby for gift,g cari perfume iwan.
and while waiting iwan deciding which perfume nak beli.
me n nik posing lagi...
then while waiting for wrapping bby gift, kami g la makan dlu
ingt nak g chili's tapi pack since sunday,lunch time n ramai foreigner sbb final world cup on dat nyte.nk makan buffet kat nerest hotel pon x sempat sbb dh kol 1.mcm rugiso we decide to have a lunch @ secret recipe.
Then balik because its time for Moon shift.
Kami g chowrasta n padang kota.


Last weekend me n nik went to penang for vacation.
Yela kan tu ari ade plan. At last jadi gak plan nk release tension.
Flight 8.25am
- wake up at 3.30am.- siap² n kuar umh kol 4.30am to KL sentral.
- took skybus at 4.45am n reach LCCT 5.50am
- after took borading pass sharp 8.25am n reach Penang

Tapi ade part x best when they change the counter without acknowledge.
Kitorg dah Q lame almost 1/2 an hour. Xpaham. Forget it.

Sampai penang kami tggu Iwan to take us jalan² sebab awl lagi. kami check in kol 2 suppose.
Then sampai g balik pulau dlu g kedai iwan n makan durian 2 biji~kenyang sgt².
Then g queensbay mall. lepak².
Then he send us to Hotel Royal Penang.
After check-in n rest kami kuar lagi.
Kali ni Moon nye shift. hahah
Then 2 la 1st time jmp ank Moon Thaqef.

G beli pasembor smpi rm7 yg sedap sgt n some other foods kt pasar mlm tg bungah.
then g umah moon kat telok bahang. sbb nk jln dh magrib.
after solat-then kami proceed g nyte market.
unfortunately tgh jln ujan,and x best sbb bby qef ade kan. better kitorg balik la.
lagi pon xde yg best nk d beli.
otw blk singgah 7E bli maggi cup..hahah
blk hotel awl gak la...
tp x larat nk kuar blk sbb penat lg kan.
so smbl makan maggi cup nik n me tgk movie kt dlm bilik.
tau2 kami felt a slept.

bby qef

( " , )

Friday, July 2, 2010


So disappointed when the carnival was so not fun.1st sebab xde geng.
2nd the carnival doesnt seem like carnival at all.
-which juz have 2 games-huh WTFish...
3rd limited sitting place-no place to sit.
4th had to watch WD staff performance..
-yang aku rase performance budak sekolah menengah lagi best. Yelah major is endon...yaks
5th this is the WORST- heavy raining.. and the so called 'carnival' is OPEN AIR venue.
indah khabar dari rupe...
Tapi OUTSIDE of the POGH...
Ala venue kat tempat MAWI nye wedding... Behind the lake..
Tapi diorg cakap this is the 1st time diorg buat carnival..
Usually jus dinner or family day...
Hopefully will be another carnival n be a real carnival...
Atau buat je la dinner selesa skit nak lepak..
Mmg worse nye sebab macam g carnival Indonesia... hahahahah