Friday, February 18, 2011


this week been attack by sore throat,flu and sequence with asthma..
i hate being sick.
felt weak, exhausted and very very sick.

and my ex suddenly pop up from outer space.
creating a new prob again.
shut... this is most virus that i can rid off.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weekend X.T.V.T

last weekend life start begin at 7pm...
hahaha as usually becoz over the weekend ade opportunities nak bangun lambat.
k fine.
after teringin nak makan khailan ikan masin, so we decide to shop at Tesco.
beli a few things then eiyla & lea called.
karaoke time...
so after masak n makan me, jane and idie pon shoot of kat
sampai lagi 10min me n jane tambah lagi sejam

lets karaoke sampai ilang suara...

oo last skali afis-idie's fren sampai...
erm hensem... tp sorry picture xde..

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