Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's all coming back to me now

i felt miserable back now... i don't know what to do. i miss him...a lot.
thinking of him make me tired and disappointed.
he did coming back last 2 weeks, i lied,told him i already had bf instead i don't have 1.
he said he will wait and don't want me left my new bf for him. but he wish i could give him a chance and asked me to let him be the last choice in my life, i thought he's changing but as what i thinking he's not. he go back to his gf and the reason he so stressful and the girl pop up from earth presenting while he devastated in life. which no work,no place to live and no one to love. so he asked the girl to have another chance which he not really sure how far they can go. so am i the 1 that have to wait right now!!
i just want him show more effort to win me back.
i met him tonight, then i confess what i really wanted. yes no one could replace him. he said never reject him,he the 1 who want me back. he should show how much he wanted me back,to love me more,to appreciates me and prove to me how much he love me. and middle of confessional the girl called. it's time to fetch her.
then he said we'll discuss this matter later. shut.. i wouldn't have talk with him anymore. what was he's thinking,want to be a friend with me,to chill and chat. heartless.. i guess i need to learn to hate him now and forever. Ya Allah please forgive me to hate him. this the only way to get rid him off.
i really wanted him to get off from my life. why You always makes him come back. he's juggling my life, my love, my emotion. i hate love. i hate to love guys. this feeling is sucks, they all sucks...