Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My weekend..

Since past a few weeks before, I tersangat la membusy kan diri...
I went to Penang for 3 day, the following weekend went for Kursus Kahwin at TTDI, to Bangi for Anya aqiqah ceremony and chilling with friends..

Owh 1 good news is, i dah registered a company with collaborate...ush no la this is sharing business with Jane.. is a partnership. Registered Enterprise je.. we called it 'Ribbon Republic'... so nice.

unfortunately the business not running aggressively sebab nak bagi laluan utk Jane & Naliq settle down 1st on Oct this year...Insyallah
Lagipon fund raiser belum ade... I wish by the end of this year saham aku dapat byk la... "i guess i need to increase lagi 5% la..."

so kene la postpone dulu shopping spree to Bandung. Tapi takpe ape yang ade skang ni kami on je dulu... tak menjadi masalah. now kami planning utk buat hamper for Hari Raya... so sekarang i still searching the items... Buat calculation for budget and cost price and retail price...

as u all knows my Love life is sucks.. haha... so its better to take a break 1st.. focus and concentrating to my business 1st. owh there's a time i feel sick & tired nak keje kat WD.. but after a few consideration,actually after balik dari penang resting... I try to take positive side and move on.. absorb the weaken, stand up straight high... proudly so org tak pijak kepale I...

next plan in life is continue study,tapi tu nanti..for a while I dah figure & details... I nak masuk kelas baking.. hahah.. well i kan suke makan.. Y don't I divert it to something that can making money...
macam business yg open ni, The ideas came while i shoppe.. Pop up from my mind,why didn't i used my addiction to make business.

So let's making life busy... Kalau ade sape2 i fall in love,heh i will keep it 1st... Jangan marah ye..

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