Sunday, March 25, 2012

Reen's wedding @ Bagan Ajam

last weekend driving alone at 5.30 am on friday 16-mar-2012 to penang.
reach at bridge around 9am..
helping Iffa do the deco here and there until 9pm.. pergh tuhan saja tau letihnya, tp sempat lagi naik island pegi nite market- feringhi walk :)
settle went to Sg Petani overnite at Echa's house and heheheheh... middle of the nite at 3am,i got bbm from someone. chat until 5am, then early morning i dont even wake up got another great from him... the whole been busying settle the balance for the wedding and bbming with him.

settle kenduri still bbming with him until 6am..
nasib baik la bbm xyh bayar...
im suppose to go danok tp sebab letih lewat tido.. jd all the plan cancel then lepak rumah reen for a while then straight to Alor Star around 7pm to take him balik KL.

hehehe i got company back to KL.. FYI he juz another guy that enter to my life...

tadaa.. this is what Iffa n me had done.

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