Monday, April 30, 2012

Preparation for Mary Kay Seminar on Sept '12


On stage as Sales Director... i wish but my aim i need to go up on stage in any move up career path.

theme color: Orange... but i will were soft orange aka peach :)

ade a few design by Nurita Harith  yang i like.. try to find yang dah siap look alike atau tempah..
kene tgh pada budget 1st.. huhu

sebab baju ni akan ku recycle wear on other occasion held on Oct.. it was engagement occasion of my fren yee... so xleh buat over sgt ...

but im still looking around to find the right outfit... aku ni kene tempah baju sebabnye kalau beli dah siap for sure nak kene alter here n there which the cost sama je macam g tempah...

tu sebab aku suke tempah at least kalau x fit boleh g anta alter FOC within a week.. hehehe

kene tgk value of money sbb aku bukan org senang sangat.. bukan kedekut tapi jangan bazir yeee.. :)

these are 2 design that i like...wanna find some kind like this

( > _ < )

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