Saturday, May 29, 2010


Sat - I went out this very early morning with my Cs as promised her to watch movie.
Undecided, she's frosting either Iron Man II or Robin Hood.Actually i wanna make a marathon.After Iron Man then go fo Robin Hood.
Unfortunately there's onl 1 show fo Robin Hood and Iron Man @ 2pm ticket is sold out.
So juz watch the Iron Man. Later will be Robin Hood.

While waiting 11.40am, i grab heavy breakfast @ Subway.
Then we went fo movie. Then after that we straight away go home.
Sun - i already reserve 2 seat for RobinHood.
Huh at last even not on 1 day marathon, but i still consider as marathon.
Straight 2 days.
Satisfaction - on Robin Hood. 5 St*r of 5.

Wish- next week Gold Class for Prince of Persia.

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  1. Prince of Persia best gilerrrr pergi la tengok!

  2. tu la dgr byk org bagi komen best2..