Saturday, May 8, 2010

Left But n0t let go

Tak tau nk express feeling camne. nk cakap bengang pon ade nak cakap kesian pon ade... tapi susah kn nk cakap ngan org yg x bp paham bahasa melayu ni... but i spoke easy malay.. wat language should i speak.. kesian la kt aku yg lembut ati ni... i need to learn how to say 'NO'... tapi aku x sampai ati nk cakap 'TAK' ngan sesape... especially wif dat fella. tak larat la...skang ni tambah lagi masalah- die dgn selambe nak pinjam kete aku...OMG wat is he thinkin... x malu ke? even i said no other women,girls,slut,bitbh,hooker,prsotitude allow in my car, u tink will he obey? huh i dont tink so... even when im still exist he can cheatin on me... ni dah xde pape lagi la LINE CLEAR. Yah yah.. even im blur but im not stupid... tapi geram la, camne nk jadi heartless dengan org camni. ajak jmp or still wanna b fren i dont mind,even i did through him away...away from my heart. i already reserve it to others which bukan hati aku yg die kacau skang tp mental aku,,, aku xnk ape yg akn jd nnt aku akn benci die...aku xnk benci sape2 please la...letih nk benci org ni....i try to be positive...
please is there any word that so firm but not hurt dat i can tell him. i dont want to hurt anybody's feelin.
And 1 more prob is-when people wanna change? why can juz let other people live peacefully? y people like to manipulate story? talk n heard bout sumthin and delivered sumthin else. i juz thinkin n felt like want to explore wats is in their head. hope can figure out... but y at the end people looks at WE ARE THE BAD GUY.
Letih nye nak melayan org-org camni... can i get a better world without hate n revenge. stupid la klu x puas ati ngan org len without reason. y dont envy other people to encourage us to more better...not to let others down...

"Renung-renungkan" - ( ", )

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