Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Never Change

Y there's some people never change.
If they maintain at the good side,its fine.
But keep maintaining the bad attitude.

Keep on repeating the same old thing.
Dengki, make up story,buruk kan org lain.. always perfect for herself at others eyes.
Since sek men, she like that.

After a years few passed by,she still the same.
She did when at sek men, after we finish schooling, when at U (even she never been there) :-/
and til now she's still the same.

No need to mention her name.
Coz i don't hope she will read and get over it
Because after what she'd done, she never admit the fault.
After she done to me n my BFF amna,she never done.
She keep do it again... sound like britney song 'oops i did it again'
Tanpa rasa bersalah.

What does she want?
How does she feel?
The sad 1 is her bf,living in a lie. since day 1 they knew each other.
I juz hope she leave us alone. stop faking herself.
cuz i juz dont care if her love one being cheated.

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