Monday, June 7, 2010

Wekend Yang... sequel

hahaha...ade plak sequel.
Actually last sunday penat n malas nk tulis anything

This the pict of my newly wed fren.
After 7 years knowing each other at last they tying da knot on 5th Jun.

And i just got myself a flap bag.

Unexpected, tgk macam cantik terus grab la.
Tapi xtau la how long i can maintain the color...
I juz like white.. suit wif my shoe..

And i got tudung for the party. simple black sebab nak show kan lebih kat dress n Gold mask.
so. 4 down...4 to go.

Tapi =(
Gold purse yang kat TOPSHOP tu dah xde....frust nye
Mane nak cari ni... sebab yg TOPSHOP nye tu comey...
LOVE shape, not to big not to small then the string can sling....

( " , )

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