Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mini make over

Today got nothing much done.. yelah tengah bulan kan...paham² jela :-)
Bese la gaji twice a month, so not so surprise la kalau gaji dah abes time gini.
Owh... last nite keluar ngan Atie, happy for her because she alreaday made up her mind to accept this 1 guy as his bf.
Atie actually i just knew her,by my fren Harun. Tapi kepale die best sebab gile business, and she's independent.OK back to my story.... ingat planning nak jog this early morning since tak panas kan... tapi hampeh kerana aku woke up at betol... pastu baru teringat ade appointment ngan harun...
need to help him to complete his task before go for training and exam- basic make up... some sort like that..
So aku m' volunteer kan diri utk di touch up aka mini make over.
Tapi best sebagai melayu, aku lambat a few minute. suppose janji at 5 tapi sampai 5.17.. even 17minute late but still... so proceed la... x request ape2 pon sbb i trust him. so far i dont have any skin problem but biggest challenge for him is to cover my eye with dark circle and wrinkle...
take some times sebab he's just a beginner. di bantu oleh Lisa utk touch up skit2...
so result... aku puas ati...FAB for me... sebab susah nak touch up eye back aku...

here the result

Tapi balik dengan rase hampa kerana dah cantik²
Xpela...nanti sokluse nak jalan² suh la harun touch up till then

The End

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