Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What goes around comes around

Gile talak...the best word.
Entah la aku pon xtau nak cakap ape..
Time aku tengah sayang die, die push me away.
Bile aku merayu for come back die cemuh aku.
Bile ati aku dah terluka teruk die buat tak endah.
Bile aku dh mula healing, out of blue moon die muncul.

Cerite pasal hal sedih die kat aku.
Being mistreated with his GF which he compare ngan aku...
Oh am i still exist?
At the moment total all of my frenz will say NO to him.
No way for to come back to him.

Aku buntu gak.
Sebab die mcm chasing me everyday...
Aku bukan aku yg dulu...
even aku xde bf, but it doesn't mean aku kne terime die semula.
Juz aku x ready for funky relationship.
Aku go for serious which i think im not ready yet to accept anybody that i can trust.

Taste aku totally change.
Yang penting terlalu banyak bende kat die yang aku xleh accept.
1st- his mother and his family.
2nd- his son and his ex wife.

About him, i just pray that he will change.
Now im praying,hope he and his girl will OK.
Because his gf still asking for another chance. and i know he still love his gf.
Ya Allah, i hope they will be ok. so that he can stop from chasing me.


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