Monday, July 19, 2010

Before You Say "I Do"

Just finished watch this movie @ Hallmark Channel.
Touching how the guy struggling to win the Love one.
Wishing be the man before a big mistake happen.went back 10 years before her Love 1 make wrong decision by marrying the wrong person n became phobia wif marriage.

Basically about choosing the rite 1 for us to spend a whole life together.
Why women always make a wrong decision even it's clearly in front of u that he's not meant to be wif us?
After what was happen we treat bad to ourselves.
Make it as a phobia...
Nothing's wrong with LOVE.

We won't miss it until we lose it.
Open up your eyes there's a soul-mate in front of you

There's a time i wish i could turn back the time...but now
I wish can fast forward until i have the courage to say the L word.

There's a word I've learned...
We've got met a few wrong people before meet the rite 1.
So when we found it we know how to appreciates it.
Cherish the love..

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