Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Weeked

This whole weekend x bape sihat...
All of sudden sore throat and Mr. S got Flu.
When to Clinic last friday took a medi also a cough med for him.
Unfortunately Mr. S meeting until late.
Hilarious things i've done is asking Harun to company me.Promise to wait at Sunway while waiting Mr. S finish meeting.
Then Harun also late... W.T.Fish...Keep on waiting til i fall asleep in a car @ station.Too bad Harun wait for the bus at IOI mall for 1hour to Sunway, sebab terlalu fade up,
then i said 'wait for me to pick u up,i cant wait for this long'
Then i took him too Kelana Mall for have a dinner-while waiting.

Chilling, and its getting late. Then Mr. S txtin me.
Said too tired then asked me not to wait.
He will take later. But i didnt go back,instead i cont chilin wif Harun till late.
The next day when to KL wif Harun.

Need to find some shirt. Decided to take a public transport to Pavi.
Park my car at Kg. Baaru took LRT-Putra to Dang wangi.
Then proceed wif Monorail @ Bkt Nenas to Bkt Bintang...
With the construction at KL Plaza KL is so a mess...
Malaysia public transport isn't something that could be proud off... :-(

Linger around then when into Couch
I stuck on this bag... it just sudden WOW...Tapi nnt la, waiting another...another...another pay cheque.
Yeah month to spore, the next month is Raya.. And the very another 2 month Road expiry date.Huh... got lots things to do wif the $$...
I think i need to find some1 at US to bought it for me.
Coz it cost almost half from here.

Proceed... the When into Sg. Wang cari baju that i wanted.
Dapat then go to The Curve to grab lunch. After linger around when to Sunway.
Lepak n got dinner there...Around 11 swift to Pantai Dalam meet up our frens...
Then leka,huh it's already 2am...OMGucci...
I gtg, need to send Harun back to Puchong then me to Sg buloh...
The result....i woke at 12pm today....

still tiring....

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