Friday, July 2, 2010


So disappointed when the carnival was so not fun.1st sebab xde geng.
2nd the carnival doesnt seem like carnival at all.
-which juz have 2 games-huh WTFish...
3rd limited sitting place-no place to sit.
4th had to watch WD staff performance..
-yang aku rase performance budak sekolah menengah lagi best. Yelah major is endon...yaks
5th this is the WORST- heavy raining.. and the so called 'carnival' is OPEN AIR venue.
indah khabar dari rupe...
Tapi OUTSIDE of the POGH...
Ala venue kat tempat MAWI nye wedding... Behind the lake..
Tapi diorg cakap this is the 1st time diorg buat carnival..
Usually jus dinner or family day...
Hopefully will be another carnival n be a real carnival...
Atau buat je la dinner selesa skit nak lepak..
Mmg worse nye sebab macam g carnival Indonesia... hahahahah

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