Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Culture Shock..

People might said I am culture shock.
yes i admit it coz 3 years living like hell in prison.

I knew him when i just started working.
The time that i got my own money but couldn't spend it.
So when i'm free now...
i have so much time n money to pampered myself.

Holiday with friends,buy things i wanted,chilling at fav restaurant.
Is it wrong or is it too late to have fun at this age?
Sometimes I wonder,am i having a conflict between my eager or depress feeling?
What i know i became shopaholic.

I'm trying to meditate myself before i'm getting broke.

Tapi thanks to Allah because I still got friends by my side.
Even majority already tied the knot.

At the moment I'm happy being shopaholic while i dont commit wif any1.
I just waiting a rite time to say...not out loud... but confession part 1
wah macam title lagu usher...
and to all my friend wish me luck.hope feel the same way...

( ", )

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